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 Bad Religion posts FAQ

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PostSubject: Bad Religion posts FAQ   Bad Religion posts FAQ Icon_minitimeWed Feb 28, 2007 11:34 am

Jay from Bad Religion posted a FAQ about the South America Tour, Australia, the new album and more. The new album is coming together great! we start tracking on feb. 28th. will post some photos...

0. yes, we WILL come back to australia. no, i don't know when. (probably next summer... YOUR SUMMER. we're on the warped our summer, know what i mean?)
1. no, brett can't come to south america.
2. sorry, we will come back to vegas after the warped. (don't know why it's not going)
3. no, it's not going to be a double album... (despite the video saying otherwise)
4. thanks, but we already have one.
5. i know! it tastes just like chicken!!!
6. steven.
7. probably 15 or 16. i'll have to check...

ok, thanks... i'm sure you know if these answers apply to your faq's.


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Bad Religion posts FAQ
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