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 Recipe For Hate- Bad Religion

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PostSubject: Recipe For Hate- Bad Religion   Recipe For Hate- Bad Religion Icon_minitimeMon Mar 26, 2007 10:14 am

In all terms this album is a classic bad religion album, a one seeing amaizing songs such as the great: American Jesus, the questioning: Struck a nerve and so on. The album sees a mix between early bad Religion albums such as 80-85 and newer, more mature Process of belief or The Empire Strikes first. It sticks a bit to the blurry, rough sounding riffs but with the lyrics and witt of the late bad religion. You can really feel the change between both era's of the band.
There are great rough songs such as " A man with a mission" and "Recipe for hate" but I don't see any songs with clear nerve-striking riffs, you could argue that american jesus has a very nerve-striking riff but still its not as sriking as epiphany. But Yet still a pleasure listen to. The lyrics are awsome. Full of questioning or irony or srcasm. Bad Religion have captured the essence of using the sound or feeling of the song to match the lyrics which most bands can't do these days.

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Recipe For Hate- Bad Religion
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