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 Rules for Promoting your band

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Rules for Promoting your  band Empty
PostSubject: Rules for Promoting your band   Rules for Promoting your  band Icon_minitimeThu Dec 07, 2006 12:10 pm

Rules for promoting your band

1. You must ask one of the admin's before.
2. You must have enough details for your band so we can add you to our network.
3. You must have a website (myspace, piczo or whatever you use) hopefully witha song or two on it.
4. You must put a link or a banner to our site, ina noticeable place.
5. You must complete this form below to be added to the network.

Band name:
Links: (myspace, purevolume or whatever you use)
Songs and lyrics: (song #1)
(song #1's lyrics}
(song #2)
(song #2's lyrics)
(is it's instrumental forget the lyrics bit Wink )

Thanks, ststeff & RT.
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Rules for Promoting your band
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